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The Practice Manager is a lawyer who can commit to following a group of students over the three-month period during which they complete their Virtual Law Firm practice rotations. The practice manager will perform two functions: assessing students’ practice management skills and acting as a coach/mentor.

In the assessment function, the practice manager will review the students’ practice management tasks (conflict checks, diary dates, etc.) to ensure they have been completed. CPLED uses Clio Legal Software for practice management.

As a coach and mentor, practice managers will review the results of students’ assessments from their virtual law firm assignments and monitor students’ self-management skills (time-management, interpersonal communication, etc.). Practice managers will conduct a thirty-minute video call with each student during each virtual law firm rotation to answer questions, provide constructive feedback and advice, and help students to reflect on their performance and plan for continued competency development, focusing on areas of concern.

CPLED will train practice managers on the use of Clio Legal Software and on student assessment processes.

Qualifications and skills

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