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The Virtual Firm Assessor (Business Law Assessor, Criminal Law Assessor, Family Law Assessor, Real Estate Assessor) is a lawyer who is experienced in a practice area and within the jurisdiction of the students to which he/she is assigned during the Virtual Law Firm practice rotations. 

The simulations will require students to manage a matter from inception to finalization. These deliverables may take the form of video recorded advocacy, interviews, negotiations, written correspondence, memorandums, contracts, or court documents.  Students will upload their assignments to the online learning environment and assessors will use a competency-based rubric to mark the assignments and to provide developmental feedback to students. 

CPLED will train assessors on the rubrics and provision of constructive feedback. As part of training, assessors will mark sample assignments, which will be bench marked to ensure consistency. CPLED uses an online plagiarism program to detect potential breaches of academic integrity.

Qualifications and skills

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