Jocelyn Chisholm

, NovaScotia

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About Jocelyn

Hello! My name is Jocelyn Chisholm. I am in third year at the Schulich School of Law. I am a Nova Scotia native and enjoy getting outdoors with my dog, reading and playing board games. My background is in Criminology, having completed an undergrad in the subject at Saint Mary’s University. I have pursued my interest in Criminology by volunteering with the John Howard Society of Nova Scotia. Working with criminal offenders strengthened my belief in community service and rehabilitation. I worked at a small firm last summer, where I was responsible for drafting documents and taking client calls. This position reinforced my belief in a client first approach to law, as I saw that my efforts made a positive impact in their experience. I have also worked as a manager of three food franchise locations. I take pride in my reputation for finding solutions to problems before my superiors knew there had been an issue. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my qualifications.

Willing to move: Yes

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