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Macy Mirsane

CCL/CQ complete

About Macy

I have recently completed the Internationally Trained Lawyer Pathway through classes with law students at the University of Alberta. I have my degrees recognized in Canada through World Education Services. Throughout my education and employment, I have built valuable skills and abilities that give me the foundations to succeed in the articling position in your firm. Mentoring students and reaching out to them while I was working as a lecturer at university showed me how to build my communication skills, improve my public speaking and listen profoundly to others’ opinions. As a contract reviewer, I reinforced my analytical ability to check for inaccuracies and became detail-oriented. Representing my clients in courts, helped me to learn how to alleviate tensions in solicitor-client relations and follow my clients’ best interests in litigations. My volunteer activities in ECLC show my enthusiasm to help marginalized people and newcomers in particular those who speak Farsi.

Willing to move: Yes

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