Rhys Martin


CCL/CQ complete


About Rhys

Hello! I’m Rhys Martin a 3L Student at the University of Calgary who is seeking a 2022/2023 articling position. I would be interested in any articling opportunities in Calgary or Edmonton. I have not yet settled on a legal practice area, but I do have an interest in the areas of business, employment, family, intellectual property, and real estate law. That being said, I am very interested to learn more about and explore any area of law. From my background in the live event and entertainment industries, I developed various skills sets in approaching problems with creative solutions to meet unique needs of my clients and provide solutions. Though my law school and related employment experiences, I learned how to transfer and apply these skill sets in a legal environment. These skills will allow me to tackle a wide range of projects and efficiently serve clients during articles with your firm and beyond.

Willing to move: Yes

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