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Introducing…CPLED PREP

P ractice

R eadiness

E -learning/Experiential/Evaluation/Education 

P rogram

What does the new CPLED PREP look like?

Take a couple minutes to watch this video:

Or browse this graphic drawing:

PREP will go through two pilots before the full program launch in June 2020.

The new program combines self-directed online learning and face-to-face interactive workshops. It uses technology and the professional experience of lawyers from across the country to provide real-world learning opportunities. It provides unprecedented access to resources that will inspire and equip future lawyers.

Seven benefits of  CPLED PREP:

  1. Engaging: Become part of a virtual law firm that explores an actual legal practice.
  2. Inspiring: Join conversations, debate and ask thought-provoking questions. Mentors provide feedback and support along the way. Consider how you could make an impact in the legal profession.
  3. Interactive: Interact with colleagues and experts both online and face-to-face. Ask and explore. Interview and negotiate face-to-face as well as virtually.
  4. Foundational: Practice the “basics” because these are the building blocks for your legal career.
  5. Collaborative: Learn from others in online forums and through video conferences. Leverage their strengths while sharing your own.
  6. Innovative: Join a virtual law firm, case simulations, video assessments, and webinars. 
  7. Relevant: Learn the latest about the practice of law today.