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To be called to the Bar, students require more than knowledge of the law; candidates must display multiple competencies and qualities that take a holistic look at the key elements that make a student Bar-ready.

New lawyers need to have the communication skills and understanding of how to practice law, and the empathy, compassion, integrity, respect, ethical practice and commitment to diversity to serve the public and their clients effectively.

As a part of the redesign of the Bar admission course for students in Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan, CPLED has developed a Competency Framework to help guide students, facilitators, assessors and communicate to other stakeholders what specific skills and abilities the Practice Readiness Education Program (PREP) will help recent law school graduates develop over their articling period.

With the latest teaching and assessment tools, the PREP uses a combination of in-person and online learning. CPLED’s competency framework is consists of three key categories:

Lawyer Skills: What a Lawyer Does

Practice and Self-Management: How a Lawyer Practises

Professional Ethics and Character: Who a Lawyer is and How they Behave

For more information on CPLED, PREP and how to register.