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Your Support Impacts Success


An employer is the law firm, government office, court or other entity that employs an articling student.

As an employer, one of the most valuable ways you can contribute to a student’s success in the CPLED Program is by giving the student the time required to complete program activities successfully.

During the face-to-face modules, students will not be able to contribute to work in their articling position. During online modules, students need to dedicate between 10 and 15 hours a week — sometimes more if the area of law or the skill set is new to the student — to program activities.

CPLED is a self-directed program, so your encouragement and enthusiasm will keep students focused and committed. Asking them questions about their program and progress can be highly motivational.

The employer is not obligated to pay CPLED program tuition for students, but some may choose to provide financial assistance to their students.


A principal is an individual within the employer’s firm or office who has met eligibility requirements and is approved by the provincial law society to supervise articling students.

When those in the legal community partner with students in our program as principals to provide advice and instruction, everyone benefits.

Not only are students better prepared to launch their legal careers, but they also gain valuable relationships which help shape the future of the legal profession.

For more information on becoming a principal, contact the overseeing law society in your province:


Within the CPLED Program, mentorship is an informal relationship. The mentor may be the student’s principal or another lawyer in the firm or organization. The support of a mentor can be invaluable to the student’s success.

Asking questions about a student’s progress in the program, challenges and activities can help them stay motivated and engaged.